Pop Rant: Give Unsub a Rest, Criminal Minds!

The summer doldrums have forced me to watch shows I would usually surf right by on the way to Parks and Recreation or Top Model. For some reason, I keep getting caught up in the CSI franchise, and especially Criminal Minds.

Oh Criminal Minds. You have a decent cast (I have leftover goodwill for Joe Mantegna from his Joan of Arcadia days) and are a good way to spend an hour while folding laundry. So why must you overuse the word “unsub”?

The term, which Wikipedia tells me stands for “unknown subject of an investigation,” is uttered by all the characters (studly black guy, stern white guy, brunette lady and quirky lady with a crush on studly black guy) ad nauseum. For me it’s become the equivalent of fingernails on chalkboard.

“Where’s our unsub?” “The unsub fits the profile of the Springfield serial killer.” “If I’m guessing right, we’ll find  our unsub at Subway.”

I’m not kidding. Watch this clip.

As Cathy would say, ack.

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The Four Rules of Summer TV

When our favorite series flee the airwaves around Memorial Day, the summer TV “season” begins. These shows are supposed to prevent the next three months from becoming a wasteland of reruns, reality TV marathons and fake award shows.

Last night I came upon NBC’s Persons Unknown, a show that caught my attention because the lead guy looked annoyingly familiar. When I visited IMDB I was mortified to learn that my brain cells had retained the memory of an obscure Beverly Hills 90210 character, Kelly’s pill-popping artist boyfriend Colin. It was then that I realized that there are certain rules when it comes to summer TV.

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