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Blackfire/Robin is a het pairing within the Teen Titans TV series fandom. Canon. Blackfire occasionally flirts with Robin because it bothers her sister, Starfire, who has a canon romantic relationship with Robin. Fandom. Blackfire is a antagonist in the series, so this ship is enemyslash. Fanworks Fanart Haunt Blackfire x Robin by dou-hong. Read Robin x Starfire from the story Blackfire Reacts To Ships! by UniAriYokaiFan Some Danganronpa Girls and Some Total Drama Girls with 38 reads. blackfire. Blackfire is also quite pretty, and she knows it and uses it to her advantage when around boys. This is seen in the second episode, "Sisters" when she developed a crush on Robin upon meeting him and tried to gain his attention and affection, but this could also have been a ploy in further isolating her sister from her friends. Background. Blackfire birth name Princess Komand'r is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. She is the older sister of the Teen Titans member Crown Princess Koriand'r/Starfire and less-known youngest sibling and brother Crown Prince Ryand'r/Wildfire; the former of whom is her archenemy. Blackfire took a step forward. Robin, still holding his pole weapon, embraced Blackfire and they kissed. As the kiss ended, they reluctantly separated slightly. "I missed you Blackfire." Robin looked at Blackfire's eyes. "I missed you too Robin!" Blackfire smiled at Robin. "Since you left, I just couldn't stop thinking about you." Robin continued.

ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH "" is an European distributor selling popular Fantasy- and Trading Card Games TCGs like Magic: The Gathering,. Latex Seduction A/N: I just want to clear something up: This is, in actuality, a Rob/Star fic, it's just labeled as Rob/Blackfire because while Robin is with Starfire and loves her, the actual sexual activity takes place between him and her older sister. 12/03/2017 · Months after Blackfire was put in jail, Robin suddenly thought of her and her beautiful eyes, her round face, her long hair, and her outfit. He loved her, but Blackfire didn’t feel the same for him. He would visit her in jail one day, and let out all of his feelings and express his love for her. Someday, he thought, someday.

07/09/2016 · Comenten: la pareja que quieren Starfire x RobinBlackfire x Robin voten la pareja que quieren y despues votare y les dire quien gana!!!!! Comenten: la pareja que quieren Starfire x RobinBlackfire x Robin voten la pareja que quieren y despues votare y les dire quien gana!!!!! Skip navigation Sign in. 0 Products / 0 Items Home; Categories. Action Figures; Blackfire; Board Games; Card & Game Supplies. Biografia del personaggio. Starfire o Koriand'r detta anche Kory, viene dal pianeta Tamaran, seconda di tre figli e principessa del pianeta. Un giorno, il malvagio pianeta noto come Citadel, dopo anni riuscirà ad invadere Tamaran, prendendo come riscatto per la libertà del pianeta la piccola Kory, che verrà usata come schiava per sei anni.

Crossing Parallels July 2012 [Robin/Starfire/Red X/Blackfire] 25 agosto 2013 alle ore 20:05. The sun hung low in the sky. The shadows stretched over the ground, gradually enveloping the areas of dim orange light. Robin and Starfire sat together on a bench on the boardwalk. Robin Blackfire Starfire Mini Figures Scopri le offerte e le promozioni del momento in Giochi e giocattoli. Clicca qui. di. 3,8 x 14 x 16,5 cm. Feb 12, 2016 - Explore SpiderWeeb's board "Black X Red X & Blackfire", followed by 144 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Teen titans, Red and Teen titans starfire.

Blackfire and Starfire. 8,956 likes · 35 talking about this. We are an RP page, so please feel free to mingle with us. You can have powers or be a. Red X is a former "villain identity" which Robin temporarily used as part of an "undercover" operation. The identity was later assumed by a mysterious anti-hero whose real identity remains unknown. While wearing the suit, Robin/Red X's appearance is that of a person dressed in a completely black. Haunt Blackfire x Robin by dou-hong on DeviantArt BlackFire and Robin ~ Teen Titans. Blackfire & Robin love the way this is drawn Blackstar won't robin now Newest - Your spot for viewing some of the best pieces on DeviantArt. Teen Titans - Blackfire, Robin: DC Comics, cartoon network, 90's See more.

Robin looks so vulnerable and hot without his mask! I love the soft colors and how Blackfire is taking advantage of him. Fudge. I want this to be REAL! Blackfire fights Superboy. Blackfire went with the others to stop Slade and Zod's chronotron detonator, and when they discover all the wires are red, Blackfire wishes that Superboy, who ended up separated from them, was there, so that he could use his x-ray vision to tell which wire it was. Sep 23, 2018- Explore emilyannfiss's board "Blackfire" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Teen titans, Teen titans blackfire and Teen titans go. Blackfire. 1.5K likes. Hi, i'm Blackfire I am nice now. I turn over a new leaf and started a fresh start, I am happily married to RedX.

Blackfire is Starfire's and Wildfire's older sister, and former Grand Ruler of Tamaran. Though she is Starfire's older sister, the two are polar opposites. Blackfire loves thrills and causing trouble. She also has the optimum qualities of a villain, and she is cunning, deceitful, immoral. Anime picture with guilty crown production i.g yuzuriha inori linjie long hair single tall image blush open mouth light erotic breasts red eyes pink hair hand on chest floating ha. Le migliori offerte per Teen Titans Go! Robin, Blackfire, Starfire Action Figure Mattel 5 Cm sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis! Mr Mxyzptlk has cheated on his girlfriend, Ms Gsptisnz with Blackfire. Raven invites Ms Gsptisnz to Titans Tower to get away from Mxyzptlk. However, the imp arrives at the Tower and threatens Gsptisnz to take him back, or else he's going to do terrible things to the world.

Then Robin says that there's only one place that X could even get Xenothium, and he rushed off. We all rushed off and Cyborg stayed at the tower. Since Robin doesn't trust me to be alone, he made me go with Beast Boy. I think he's really having fun taunting me with this 'Dad and Daughter' thing. We all got a call from Robin on our communicators. Blackfire es una antagonista de Los Jovenes Titanes. Personalidad Aunque ella es la hermana mayor de Starfire, las dos son polos opuestos. También tiene las cualidades óptimas de una villana, y ella es astuta, engañosa, inmoral, sádica y enirrapentida. Las dos casi nunca se llevan bien, excepto. Blackfire let loose a huge outtake of air. Ah, another successful night of pleasure. Starfire just fainted herself. After covering her sister/wife in the sheets, Blackfire decided a long, hot shower would feel great. As the steamy water came down, Blackfire began to reflect. She had the kingdom, or ra.

Blackfire es la única Tamaranean en los cómics de DC que no podía volar, sin embargo, en la serie animada, si puede volar. No se sabe cómo Blackfire aprendió Inglés, pero ella es capaz de hablar el idioma, lo que implica que Blackfire, durante su visita a la Tierra, dio un beso a alguien que hable Inglés.

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